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The Quiet Part Loud provides a home for conversations that defy the current of today's media.  

There are few platforms remaining that encourage open discussions and nuanced points of view. Even fewer provide viewpoints without political alignment.  Our mission is to create a space to support conversations about issues that impact the world around us in an honest, critical and uncensored format.

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D.B. Hodgetts

Founder & Host

Darrell has always been a person that wears his heart on his sleeve. You always know exactly where you stand and how Darrell feels about a particular topic because he's never been shy about expressing his honest thoughts, no matter the setting or audience. As the world retreats to echo chambers and safe spaces, Darrell wanted to create a space where no one could say "You can't say that here.". This resulted in The Quiet Part Loud.

The Mission

The mission is simple - to keep open, honest and nuanced dialogue alive. The show is a formal rejection of compelled speech,  cancel culture, extreme social justice provocateurs and anything that pervades our freedom of expression or ability to think independently. 

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The Show

Heads & Tails

The Quiet Part Loud is a two-sided coin. On one side, thoughtful conversations with guests that range from academia to Youtube; from fitness to philosophy. On the other side, raw critiques about society and culture, politics, media, celebrity and sports. Nothing is off the table, nothing is out of bounds and nothing is edited out.  

Support & Feedback

In the podcast world, nothing is more powerful than word of mouth recommendations. If you enjoy our show, the best way to support is by spreading the word and giving feedback.


Hearing about a new show from a friend is how people find the podcasts they listen to most frequently, while ratings and reviews help surface the show with Spotify & iTunes algorithms for those exploring new content and strong ratings encourage engagement. 

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The Conversation

Social Media Channels

Our ethos is to promote conversation with everyone irrespective of social status or political affiliation. Outside of the show, you can interact with us on Twitter, Facebook & Youtube, so don't be shy.  

Note: We try to maintain a troll-free zone so come with substance or play at your own risk. 

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