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A Note to Brands & Agencies

Don't talk about it, actually be about it.

If you want to protest against Priti Patel and Boris Johnson because you feel they gave acceptance to the disgusting behaviour that occurred on social media after the Euro Final; why not put your money where your posts are?

Everyone is quick to put up an image of kneeling players, contrasted with those in the civil rights wars, but let the government come to these ad agencies with a Covid advertising budget and see what happens.

They will allocate revenue back to the platforms that help perpetuate messages of hate and vile, putrid ideologies, then call it the price of doing business.

As if there is such a thing as an anonymous account on social media. Yet the call from people on this virtuous platform is to make people register more information in the name of accountability. Hmmmm more data.

It's funny to me that twitter and facebook have the ability to pull down posts they deem illegitimate at a moments notice, (Wuhan Covid Lab Leak, Joe Biden being cognitively compromised etc etc) yet a few racists are beyond they ability to curtail?

It's quite transparent what's going on here. After one of the greatest performances by a British team in recent memory, what do social media and "news" outlets choose to focus on? Not celebration and lauding the incredible achievements on and off the field by a group of young men, but the few scumbags that have done what scumbags do.

Why? We all know why. It's the same reason that the news doesn't have a "Good News" segment. Less clicks.

It doesn't get the eyeballs or the attention and that's just not valuable.

So before you take the time to join the crowd of the evermore virtuous heroes on platforms like this, ask yourself "Am I contributing in anyway to the continuation of this hateful behaviour I so desperately want to show that I'm against?". Or is it the price of doing business?

The only solution is talking with money. So long as the massive ad agencies and brands continue to throw billions of pounds at a couple of platforms that thrive on division, animosity and click bait sensationalism instead of unity, meaningful change and freedom of speech, we will never eradicate the social vomit we've witnessed over the past 72hrs.

I question whether the ones "leading the charge" on social justice are actually doing anything meaningful to achieve it because from my vantage point it appears to be merely the façade of playing the game to keep the cash machine spinning.

It's easy to understand then why brands aren't talking about the genocide that is happening in Yemen and the Congo or the human rights violations that occur every day in Saudi Arabia and Gaza???

Have a great day.

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