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America is broken…and not because of Trump.

What’s happening in America right now might be irreparable. With social media platforms perpetuating division and mainstream media outlets unabashedly lying without fear of consequence; there seems to be no one of influence or in a position of authority calling for real unity.

Whether it’s party politics, identity politics or rank ideologies, everywhere you turn seems to be motivated by how far they can separate us, rather than bring us together.

As we increasingly spend more time on digital media, exacerbated by the mandate to stay indoors because of COVID, it’s important to discern those that are feeding the negativity and those that are trying to highlight the motivation these media companies have by pointing it out.

Now more than ever, it is critical to look at things you don’t agree with, explore points of view you don’t align with and ask yourself some tough questions, such as, “Am I wrong?” or “Am I being lied to?”

One issue that a lot of people are being told to believe is that Black Lives Matter is a benevolent group that is trying to create a more equal world by highlighting the plight of the community’s historical struggles.

In fact, what they seek to do is tear down institutions and rebuild them in their own favour in order to subjugate those they place the blame with, namely White People. Beware of things like Anti-Racism Training protocols, or proponents of Critical Race Theory. These are not about equality, they’re about equity and this is a very dangerous road to travel.

Historically, we have seen where these paths lead. Be mindful when you hear statements that say “We should all have the same outcomes.” Equality of outcome sounds nice but they aren’t many more dangerous ideas and certainly none more dangerous that is passing under the radar for many people in our daily discourse.

One of the only ways to manifest equality of outcome is through violence. Naturally, you cannot create equality of outcome because it fails at the very first question of inquisition…What do you mean by equality? Equality across genders, equality across race, equality of remuneration, equality of decision making? What are you trying to achieve and for who?

Do you see what I’m saying?

Should a company have the same amount of women and men at the top of the executive board? Should it have the same amount of men and women and transgender people?

Or should a company have an equal split across that group of executives with respect to race? And if it’s racially equal, what races are we including?

What about those with disabilities? Do we include them in the equity allocation along with the above parameters?

Do we want to force an equal split of men and women in the fire department? Or how about surgeons? Should we do away with exams and just ensure we have an equal representation of men and women?

The reason I write all of this is that people are putting support behind a group that is lying to them and no one with a significant platform seems to be pushing back. Black Lives Matter the organisation are effectively a low-level terrorist group and they need to be labelled as such.

Over their existence, they have received over £1bn in donations, yet they have never announced community initiatives, improved the circumstances for their people or contributed anything of value to society at large. Instead, they sow division, violence and perpetuate identity politics that are based on lies and keep us apart.

Recently, they’ve applied to be recognised as a political party and intend to have some say in our government affairs and I couldn’t think of anything more harmful to us collectively.

It’s time to use our digital devices for productive means. We need to reflect on history and the consequences of following doctrines similar to those being pushed by Black Lives Matter and man prominent figures in the media and politics. Look back at the Bolshevik revolution of 1917. Look back at Mao’s China. Look back to Pol Pot and Apartheid.

Look backwards and realise that we are destined to repeat history if we fail to remember what the human race is capable of. Then as a stark reminder of how easily we can find ourselves on similar paths, open your eyes to what is going on right now.

Most people don’t behave like this, but that’s how it always begins….

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